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Plays by Rick Chafe

The Secret Mask

Playwrights Canada Press
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This heartwarming and often hilarious play tells the story of Ernie and George, an estranged father and son who are reunited when a debilitating stroke leaves Ernie with a speech disorder and memory loss. While George is undeniably hurt and betrayed by the man who abandoned him as a child, Ernie can't remember his words, or where he lives. Together they must find a way to make sense of their past and their future through fractured memories and muddled language.

Shakespeare’s Dog

Playwrights Canada Press
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Living in a wild world full of unpredictable creatures – beasts, beggars, witch hunters and actors – William’s family must find a way to cope with their changing Elizabethan world. With four legs, a keen eye and a sharp tongue, Hooker, Shakespeare’s dog, tells the story of how the Stratford rogue became the world’s most famous playwright. Based on the novel by Leon Rooke, Shakespeare’s Dog tells the tale of the Bard’s life from a unique perspective, showing that in the Elizabethan era, lust, love and lives collide, and it is anyone’s guess who is top dog.

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Rick Chafe is credited with over a dozen professionally produced plays and works as a television story consultant and dramaturg. His own plays include The Odyssey, The Last Man and Woman on Earth, Two Planks and Zac and Speth. Rick Chafe lives in Winnipeg with his wife and daughter.