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Plays by Hiro Kanagawa

Indian Arm

Playwrights Canada Press
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Adapted from Henrik Ibsen's Little Eyolf. Rita and Alfred Allmers live in an isolated family cabin on native leasehold land overlooking Indian Arm, a still untamed glacial fjord just north of Vancouver, BC. With Alfred – a formerly promising novelist – now struggling with his latest work, Rita has been tasked with caring for their adopted son Wolfie, a sensitive First Nations teen who has been designated as ‘special needs’ for much of his life. Rita’s resentments and frustrations are further embittered by her younger half-sister, Asta, a constant reminder of the innocence, idealism and sexual allure Rita once had and yearns for again. The fragile impasse of their lives is torn asunder by the appearance of Janice, the surviving member of the Indigenous family who leased the land to Rita and Asta’s reclusive and mysterious father over 50 years ago. With the lease now expired, they are all engulfed by the secrets and contradictions of their lives and of the land itself – in both the past and the present – and their stories are drawn inexorably toward an unspeakable tragedy.

The Patron Saint of Stanley Park

Playwrights Canada Press
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Siblings Josh and Jennifer are coping with the loss of their father, who disappeared in a float plane accident on Christmas Eve one year ago. While Josh scours the Internet for proof that his father is still alive, Jennifer rebels against his denial and their mother Marcia's efforts to return the family to normalcy. When Marcia insists that Josh and Jennifer spend Christmas Eve with relatives, the children instead set out for Stanley Park to honour their father’s memory. Trapped by a catastrophic storm, the children are rescued by Skookum Pete, a strange vagabond who takes them to a fantastical bunker beneath the Prospect Point café, where they experience wondrous visions that help them understand the truth about their father and the healing power of love.

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Like many Canadian artists Hiro Kanagawa has forged a career wearing many hats: actor, playwright, screenwriter and teacher. His plays range from the war-crimes drama Tiger of Malaya to the Puccini sequel Tom Pinkerton: The Ballad of Butterfly’s Son. Screen credits include work as both a story editor and actor on the award-winning dramas Da Vinci's Inquest, Da Vinci's City Hall, Intelligence and Blackstone. Hiro Kanagawa currently teaches playwriting at Capilano University and is a Playwrights' Theatre Centre Associate.